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Yes! You may know me from bitwine/kasamba. I've been offering readings now for just under 20 years! 

I specialize in intuitive readings on matters of the heart and relationships, as well as many other areas.  

I'm highly known for my level of emotional empathy (which means I can feel other's emotions quite well)  but I also can feel other's physical pain at times, which makes me a physical empath as well. You can see how this would be pretty handy when looking at matters of the heart!

A large number of my clients are psychics themselves, so I'm known as a bit of  "a psychic for the psychics."

If you've read with me before, you also know that....

I'm also clairvoyant (I see---especially colors, images etc-----for me it's like a slide show playing in my head!) clairaudient (I hear----often words, phrases, and even songs) (I also taste/smell, at times, yeah --that part isn't always pleasant!)      

Sometimes, I see some pretty unusual things, because the images that I see are most often symbolic. 

Now, I can't MAKE anything happen. I can't make that man "behave" or "change."  I won't use a spell or burn a candle or anything like that. (but I do like nice smelling candles-just not for that purpose)

Predictions are based on the energy that is coming from a person. I've learned in my many years of doing this that very little about our lives is set in stone beyond our control (And really, how awful would that be if we had NO say in our lives???) So I'd consider myself more of an energy reader than a predictor, but the majority of the time, the energy points to what's up ahead. 

 I will be totally honest with you about what I'm seeing so that you can decide the route you want to's not always sunshine and roses---but life is like that..... And that's why I'm here.....

So,  if you can get a sense of what's really happening-I mean realllly happening---do you think it might change how you would handle a situation? Yep-a lot of the time it does.....

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Skype ID:  ("Karen Jo")

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When did I know I was weird?

I pick up colors, emotions, (very strongly) and symbolic images play like a movie in my head. I may hear phrases, words, or songs as they relate to your situation. This started when I was a child and discovered I'd had a twin who had crossed over, when she came to visit me in my room one night. In years to come those visits continued, and additionally I studied Reiki, meditation, psychic development and mediumship classes. This is more than what I do, it is who I am. 


Enough already-tell me how this works!

Psychic readings are offered via skype chat messenger, facebook chat messenger,  or telephone if in the USA. Please specify your preference in advance, so that I may prepare accordingly. Payment is via paypal in advance to secure appointment. Other billing options will be available in the future. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions.

Please prepare for your reading by taking a few moments to relax in a quiet area.  If you have questions, or a special area of concern, please feel free to let me know. Thanks! 


* Insanely accurate in tapping in to a persons thoughts and intent! I had wished she was wrong about someone but now I'm so glad she was right and didn't sell me a fairytale to keep me coming back. I value her ethics and delivery of truth. Thanks alot for helping me ill be back soon! 

* This was such a wonderful reading! Not only did I get extremely detailed and accurate information of my POI, but the messages were also delivered with such big amounts of care and compassion for which I am truly grateful! Thank you so much for an awesome chat - you brought invaluable insight into my situation at a time where it was really needed. I appreciate it beyond words. Thank you! 

* Thank you so much! You were extremely accurate in what you saw him dealing with and his current emotions. Because of your insight, I am better able to understand him and know that what he gives me is a lot for him and he’s doing because he trust me. 



Something very special to me as an energyworker/lightworker-----------Little known fact, Jean was my very first energy healing mentor. He gave me the name "knowingangel" and I still carry that name today as a tribute to him.


The Circle of Light/Eternal Moment

The Circle of Light/Eternal Moment aka "The Indalo" was something that was passed down to Jean Vanhove from his grandfather in 1972. Many years of work have gone into it in order to energize and empower it, in order that it is available as a special place of healing and learning for all people who are open to it. Jean and I became friends several years ago when he attuned me into the system, and asked me to work with the energies, and help to write the manual for it at the time. Eventually this lead to me spending time time in the Netherlands with him as my mentor. I am highly honored to have had that time with him and continue to hold him with the highest regards as an energy teacher and friend.

The Indalo is a sacred gift of spirit and heart, and even still, we have only tapped the surface of the things available to us there. It is for healing, it is for growth, it is for is so much more than that. One of my main connections to the Indalo is that it is connected to and offered from guidance. It comes from the place where we need to step aside from ourselves and be open to all the Spirit wants, removing our own egos. 
More information will be freely available about it here in the future, but If you would like more information about it, please visit:

Also, if you are in need,  be sure to visit the healing page available on the site: Make sure you click on the flag that represents whatever language you speak so that you can read the instructions for the Hall of Light. 

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