Spirit Messages-Thru The Veil

My Labor of Love

So here's the deal....Sometimes when I meditate (or when I'm not) messages from the other side come thru.....I've spent a lot of time arguing with Spirit, that I am not a medium. Eventually I gave up the argument after Spirit pointed out to me that for not being a medium, I was having a heck of a time arguing with them and didn't that tell me something?! Well done, Spirit, well done...Eventually I decided that it is foolish to argue with Spirit, and began getting to work to improve my mediumship skills, and from what i can see, that is going to be a lifetime commitment.

So,  I haven't always met the person the messages are intended for yet. It can be someone that I read for, it can be a total stranger. Often I'll find out later whom it was intended for, but not always. So in a sense, this is a message in a bottle...A Spirit message board where messages from the other side can be posted in hopes of finding the right person in need to bring comfort and healing. 

So how's this going to work? I have no idea....I'm just the messenger....typically I will see images and colors, hear sounds, words, songs, feel emotional or physical sensations. Things tend to come thru symbolically, so whatever I get, that's what I'll post. I make no claims as to who/what/when these messages go to, I just know that I "signed on" to deliver messages, and that's what I'm gonna do.  


First off, I'm getting a lot of references to 80's music. I'm not sure that I can legally use this artist's name here, so to be safe, lets say "R. Springfield"is a singer that this person was very fond of.  Particularly fond of his hair.... I have a young (teenage) female energy here wanting to make herself known. She attended at least one concert with a small group of girlfriends and called herself his biggest fan-with a favorite song "Jessie's G*rl"her energy is bright, and lively, bubbly. A very sunshiny personality. I see younger images of her riding a small red bike with her light hair in pigtails, huge smiles on her face, and a reference to her father around this. She wants everyone to know she is ok, that she 'made it' and that she is happy. An E name, possibly an Ellen or an Elaine is connected into this.